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Nutilis Products

Safer swallowing, tastier eating with Nutilis

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with dysphagia, ask your doctor about Nutilis. Helping people with swallowing difficulties to eat and drink in the prescribed way, Nutilis products are an effective way for them to take in adequate nutrition and hydration. The range includes easy-to-use thickening powders, pre-thickened oral nutritional supplements and pre-thickened hydration drinks.

Thickening powders for foods and drinks


Nutilis Clear

Instant thickening powder for clear liquids and drinks, or foods

Nutilis Clear is an advanced thickening powder that does not change the colour or transparency of thickened foods or liquids.

More information and mixing instructions

Ready to use, pre-thickened supplements for additional energy and hydration


Nutilis Complete

Pre- thickened nutritional supplement for additional energy

This drink provides the right balance of essential nutrients that people with swallowing difficulties often struggle to get.

More information and serving tips

Nutilis Aqua

Pre-thickened flavoured water for additional hydration

This tasty, ready-to-use drink is a convenient way for people who have difficulties with swallowing to avoid becoming dehydrated

More information and serving tips