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Recipes for Tastier Food

Tasty recipes for people with swallowing difficulties

Mealtimes with a texture-modified diet can still be tasty. Our dedicated chef has created a selection of easy-to-follow, nutritionally balanced recipes that are specifically designed for people with swallowing difficulties. They’re simple to make at home and all use Nutilis Powder as a key ingredient. With a few, simple presentation tips, each prepared recipe can also look as good as it tastes: safer, tastier more appetising food on the plate.

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Food preparation guides

  Food preparation tips

To present puréed foods in the most attractive way, our dedicated chef has put together some food preparation tips.

  Catering tips

It is possible to prepare more than one serving of thickened foods in advance to freeze and use at a later stage.

  Role of thickening powders

All recipes are prepared with Nutilis Powder. Read more about the role of thickening powders in food preparation.

More than 10 years experience

All tasty Nutilis recipes are prepared by our dedicated chef and are based onmore than 10 years of experience in preparing meals for people with unique dietary needs.